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Watt's Eco-Friendly Commitment

At Watt's, we are are striving to create the smallest footprint we can. Below you can see what we've been doing from the start, and some of what we plan on doing as we grow!

Sustainable Shipping and Reduced Packaging

Reduce Re-Use Recycle

Shipping is a HUGE deal when it comes to the size of each of our footprints. A very effective eco-friendly shipping practice is innate at Watt's; all of the inventory we sell is bought and shipped from the mainland part of the USA. That's where all of our wholesale vendors are! That means there will be no incoming inventory that has to to travel on the water from our vendors. But that's not it...we've been considering this since the beginning, and this is what we've accomplished so far:

  • We save all of the re-usable packing materials we get when our inventory arrives and re-use it whenever possible to pack products that we ship to you
  • The packing materials we have purchased include Made in USA bio-degradable craft paper, which is made from sustainable resources and is recyclable, Made in USA gift tissue, and bubble wrap that's also Made in USA. The clear bags we put the merchandise in were found in an old garage (boxes and boxes of them, never used!), so we'll use those until we run out (we figure it's better than just throwing them out), and then we'll find some recyclable ones to use!
  • Depending on the package size, we use either our own custom 100% recycled Made in USA boxes that are, in turn, 100% recyclable, or we use standard sized USPS boxes
  • We have several custom and standard box sizes to reduce packaging and avoid wasting boxes that are way too large for the product we're sending. At this point, we have several sizes that we hope will cover all needs. As we grow and learn, we will always make this a priority and get any box sizes that we find we're missing.
  • We print all of our shipping labels and packing slips without ink! We use thermal printers - voila! No ink, no ink waste!

In the future (as soon as we can afford to), we plan on purchasing biodegradable packing peanuts and replacing our standard USPS boxes with more of our own custom, eco-friendly boxes. We will also be purchasing and using recycled and recyclable shipping envelopes rather than using the USPS plastic ones. As always, all of these products will be US made.

Offering Amazing Products that Encourage Sustainability

Eco-Friendly travel kit

When we order our inventory, we're very conscious of offering some pretty great items that are super eco-friendly! You'll find them sprinkled throughout the store. We source and offer extraordinary Earth-loving products including everything from belts and wallets made of used bike tire tubes to organic handmade soaps, from travel kits made of re-used advertising banners to clothing made using beechwood fabric (and beechwood is a naturally self-renewing resource!).

Sustainable Warehouse and Office Practices

Green footprint

As of now, we don't own the building we're in. It's an older building, so of course there are limitations on what we can accomplish. However, we're still doing a lot! Here are some highlights:

  • All existing incandescent or fluorescent lightbulbs are being switched to LED as they burn out, which reduces energy waste
  • We reduce the heat or air conditioning overnight; another way to reduce energy waste
  • Everything we buy, from garbage bags to printer paper and from fragile stickers to "No Parking" signs, is Made in USA wherever possible. Of course, there are no computers made here, nor are there any printers made here, but we buy everything Made in USA that we can. This reduces our shipping footprint by having as little as possible that's shipped via sea
  • We had all of our warehouse shelving built on site using materials from our local hardware store rather than having pre-packaged shelving units built and shipped from elsewhere (added bonus of hiring local talent and supporting local business!)

In addition, the very first thing on our "to do as soon as we can afford it" list is to hire a nearby recycling pick-up company to provide bins for and pick up everything we can recycle! (This is not currently a service offered by our small town.)

A Final Message About Sustainability

While there's always more to do, we are committed to creating the smallest footprint possible within our means. We will continue to evolve as we go, and look forward to seeing what else we can accomplish together!