Flat rate $10 shipping for the contiguous USA (AK, HI $30), FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS $99 AND OVER (AK, HI $297)!!!

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Yes! Please select "curbside pickup" as your delivery option during check-out, and you'll be able to schedule your pickup then!

When you check out and select curbside pick up, you will be given some options for times to pick up. Simply park in our parking lot during your chosen timeframe and text us when you arrive – we’ll bring your order right out to you!

Yes! Please begin the return on the website as normal, and select the “customer drop off” option. From there, you can schedule a time to drop it off here between 10am and 4pm Monday-Friday within 30 days of receiving your item! Please note we can’t accept returns that have not been approved online prior to drop-off.

When you bring your return during your chosen timeframe, just text us and let us know you’re outside. We’ll come to your car and get the item(s) you want to return! From there, exactly the same process will be followed as it is for any other return – you can find that information here!

As a small retailer without massive volume, I'm sadly not able to offer free shipping for orders less than stated. I tried to calculate this in all sorts of ways to figure out how to do that, but on orders less than the amounts stated, in many cases it could actually end up costing me money to sell, as it would cost more than my profit margin to ship the items. I'd be losing money, and while I'm not out to get mega-rich, I do need profits to pay for things like my building lease, all of my technical programs, and future staff.

Large volume retailers have the distinct advantage of high volume, which means their shipping rates are far less than mine. Businesses like mine, however, have the distinct advantage of being privately owned, small and personable (I even answer the phone myself!), supporting local manufacturers only, and providing you with a much more transparent and boutique-style online shopping experience.

When I was starting to find and vet Made in USA clothing brands, I was surprised that I kept getting the same answer from so many. When I asked if their fabrics were also Made in USA (which is the Federal Trade Commission’s requirement for “Made in USA” clothing), most of them told me that wasn’t possible; there aren’t very many clothing fabric mills in the USA, and those that are here are great but lack technical fabrics for clothes that they needed, lack pattern selections, or even just lack enough different types of regular fabrics. The options are slim.

I didn’t think that was fair. Every other product type I was looking for had tons of options for their base materials being Made in USA, or they could just make them themselves. But fabric was another story. I simply couldn’t blame the designers for not buying something that doesn’t exist!

So, for this category and this category ONLY, I made the exception. I DID find some amazing Made in USA clothes, too, just not nearly as many! Don’t worry though – if you only want Made in USA clothes, I’ve put them all in their own category so you can easily find them!

We LOVE hearing about Made in USA products – please send your suggestions through our contact page (here), and I'll let you know what happens!

Unfortunately at this time, while we can schedule deliveries there are no guarantees. Covid has changed a lot of things for all of us, and we can’t wait for it to be over! In the meantime, if your package is late you’ll be able to see your shipping status and tracking numbers, but we won’t be able to do much due to Covid or the carriers. Please feel free to contact them directly to help you out!

We have done our due diligence to ensure that everything we’re selling meets the legal requirements to use the labels we’ve given them. However, per the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), we are using the honor system and we trust all of our brands to be transparent with their answers to our questions.

If you find out that something you’ve bought from us doesn’t meet the FTC’s requirements, please email me at alisonw@wattsallamericanmade.com immediately. I’ll follow up with you and with the manufacturer to get to the bottom of your concerns. If the product I’m selling turns out to NOT meet the FTC requirements, I will issue you (the person who told me of the concerns) a refund for that product immediately, and the product will be immediately removed from this website.